Painting My Boyfriend's Toe Nails In His Sleep
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    Um well holo again everyone🤠💅???!!! Thank you guys for all the love and for coming back to witness obviously a masterpiece in film. Holo Taco update: Flakie Holo Taco has FINALLY come back in stock after 7 MONTHS of you guys running the supply dry since we launched!! Grab a few this time🤣🤣🤣

    • Faith Weldon
      Faith Weldon

      I love u but can u stop cussing soon

    • ForeverLove230

      I know this is random, but I’m pretty sure what you said at 10:16 is “we got both of the feet” :)

    • Keira Roberts
      Keira Roberts

      What app was he using

    • Tracie Galante
      Tracie Galante

      Your amazing

    • Missy MCsparkleton gaming,dolls,and more
      Missy MCsparkleton gaming,dolls,and more

      I’m looking through the comments to find people who spelled your name like Christine so I can reply CRISTINE WITH NO H

  • selvana escander
    selvana escander

    Okay but what's the sleep tracking app he's using

  • clara garza
    clara garza

    Me and my aunt painted my dads toe nails on vacation YEARS AGO and we painted them pink but what sucked for him was he only brought flip flops and water shoes and we didn’t have any nail polish remover 😂😂🤭

  • izzy Herod
    izzy Herod

    I've almost fallen asleep during a pedicure at a nail salon

  • Tabbs

    I would have plain overslept without the alarm😆

  • Saturn

    I think my hubby’s feet are too ticklish for this but I’ll have to try sometime lol

  • 은hobii

    the way he looks at her is so sweet 😔

  • PinkyPurpleGalaxy

    this is peak comedy

  • Fiona Davis
    Fiona Davis

    I think she said ok we got the feet at 10:16

  • Lydia Cooke
    Lydia Cooke

    simply sneaky

  • Softedits.102

    Ben :You could of just asked me Me : awwwwwww!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Garlick
    Olivia Garlick

    I didn’t really laugh at Ben fixing his hair or you standing up I laughed at you saying you stand up like a grandma and a slow mo of Ben fixing his hair with music

  • Olivia Garlick
    Olivia Garlick

    My mother said she would try to do my toe nails one night and my finger nails another night so thank you simply

  • Rehma Al Hilal
    Rehma Al Hilal

    I died we’re ben woke up and looked at Christin he be like 👀👀👁👄👁😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂


    Is anyone else disappointed that we haven't heard what the other 2 projects are yet? And it's probably because the pandemic threw a spanner in the works for those projects? Sigh

  • sakura does stuff
    sakura does stuff

    i thought you guys were married

  • Madison Fude
    Madison Fude

    me: telling a friend them: who? me: we are no longer friend bye..........

  • Isabelle Corbyn
    Isabelle Corbyn

    I have had my finger nails painted in my sleep before with holo taco

    • Chimken Nuggies
      Chimken Nuggies

      Why would one do that as a prank to a girl? 😅

  • BOB

    My Husband of 8 years used to be the best.. He has always been so supportive and loving until he started acting weird.. He's always on The phone all The time when I was Home and I realized the attention he gave me reduced...He's always claiming they are his business partners until he started staying out late. Out of frustration I shared the whole issue with my colleague at work and she introduced me to a very good hacker who has worked for her before.... Guess what I have access to his phone including Social media, gallery, contacts within 18 hours thanks to Frank... He is a very good hacker and competent one I must say, he does all sorts like Hacking of smartphones, school website for scores upgrade, cloning/website/cellular device, Hacking of social media accounts, spying/cell phone and tracking contact Frank via email (frankmason271@gmail•com) or WhatsApp : +1(860) 689-7192 or IG via @frank_hacks. He also helped install my fingerprint on his phone.

  • Anjali Persad
    Anjali Persad

    How the he'll is he not smelling it

  • Erin Marrash
    Erin Marrash

    Hes so cool about it. My hubby would ring my neck! Lol

  • Sammy Weaver
    Sammy Weaver

    IDK why but I've watched this like5 times

  • Jessica Drzyzga
    Jessica Drzyzga

    my mum once panted my uncles figer nails in his sleep

  • Ngọc Diệp Trần
    Ngọc Diệp Trần

    I lost it at “what are you doing? You’re dreaming, go back to sleep.”

  • dotty mae
    dotty mae


  • Kawaii Polar
    Kawaii Polar

    Because this is totally a normal thing to record lmao

  • Kyra Walter
    Kyra Walter

    I was just waiting for Zieler to jump down and many even on Ben's face😂

    • Kawaii Polar
      Kawaii Polar

      Really? Zieler?! Its Zyler btw

  • Evi Melton
    Evi Melton

    This is my favourite video of all times! I come here often for a mood boost. 💖

  • Isabelle Walker
    Isabelle Walker


  • LilyPie ASMR
    LilyPie ASMR

    If this isn’t quality entertainment, I honestly don’t know what is! 🤣💜

  • Moons

    i work at a spa! and yes people do fall asleep during pedicures not manis! we have massage chairs so that usually puts people to sleep lol

  • Moons

    this whole video is SIMPLY amazing

  • yochi jami
    yochi jami

    I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂 when Ben got up 😂😂😂 it was 😂😂😂

  • Chef Sporty
    Chef Sporty

    what app did u use to track ur sleep? edit: i found out it’s the fitbit app but you need a fitbit for it

  • Chicken poop-_-
    Chicken poop-_-


  • A R
    A R

    9:12: Zyler falls onto Bens head ( just to be clear this doesn’t actually happen in the video I just thought it would be funny if that happened)

  • Noel

    I’m a cosmetology student and I can confirm 100% that people will fall asleep during hair and nail services. They do it all the time. You could be in the middle of cutting someone’s hair, dying someone’s hair, blow drying someone’s hair, and they will just suddenly not off and sit up and apologize because they have fallen asleep in your chair while you are working on them. I had a woman come in and while I was doing her hand massage she leaned back in her chair under her head fell to the side and she immediately sat up and apologized for falling asleep. YesIt absolutely happens and it’s hilarious every time!

  • Brian

    You got halfway through painting his toe nail........ so.......... i count that as a half win!!!!

  • Chloe Choy
    Chloe Choy

    Plz do a part 2!!!

  • CraftsbyAlisha

    My fav yt couple

  • Sharayna Bennett-Gardner
    Sharayna Bennett-Gardner


  • kvoided

    “You’re dreaming”

  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

    The parallel aluminium extraorally increase because swimming ganguly stuff via a charming pea. icy, shivering crib

  • All about Us !!
    All about Us !!

    It’s so funny how much she planned this even though she was just painting Ben’s nails lol

  • Pumpkin

    As soon as I feel tht blanket uncover my feet I’m getting up grabbing a bat and hitting a mf lol not today demons that hide under my bed that grad my feet when I don’t have my blanket over my toes

  • Pumpkin

    “Am I still crazy? Yes. Am I happier? YES.” Me thooooo

  • Mercedes McCormick
    Mercedes McCormick

    You shod pant your cats on your nails

  • Amajiki Baby
    Amajiki Baby

    Watching her pain his toenails made me want to paint my to nails, so I’m do that :D (holo nail polish ofc >:))

  • Julissa Valencia
    Julissa Valencia

    I love this ❤️🥰

  • Ashley Godines
    Ashley Godines

    Lol 2:04 r we filmy a movie 💋👌👈🏼😂

  • Melissa Kalauli
    Melissa Kalauli

    12:39 menchies eyes scare me

  • Yellxw Sunflxwer
    Yellxw Sunflxwer

    Bruh this was uploaded on my birthday-

  • some one
    some one

    My mom used to paint my dad's toenails in his sleep

  • That Random Girl
    That Random Girl


  • Zlarden liihkg
    Zlarden liihkg

    Mr.Ben sleeping through a whole pedicure and here I am, watching this video, unable to sleep at FREAKING 5 in the morning, I--...


    What app did you use

    • Chef Sporty
      Chef Sporty

      on twitter i saw ppl saying she uses the fitbit app so u need a fitbit to use it

  • Sammy_sand_Utube Yt
    Sammy_sand_Utube Yt

    🤔 what sleep app does he use?

    • Chef Sporty
      Chef Sporty

      on twitter i saw ppl saying she uses the fitbit app so u need a fitbit to use it

  • Alexandria Alfaro
    Alexandria Alfaro

    Me my sister and my mom painted my dads nails when he was sleeping bright purple

  • Yoonyia Chang
    Yoonyia Chang

    you don't realse it but she's talking to her self about her nails and painting bens toenails

  • Shriya Modhvadia
    Shriya Modhvadia

    Too much t a l k I n g near the end ;-;

  • Chloe Rottman
    Chloe Rottman

    I gOt A tEa AdD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Qutub Kothari
    Qutub Kothari


  • Worry

    Hey, I heard some hot gossip.. Ben doesn't put away his socks.

  • Breanna Graham
    Breanna Graham

    I painted my dads toes in his sleep

  • Delaneytalks

    This is something I will never get to do to my boyfriend 😂

    • Delaneytalks

      @Chimken Nuggies I know what you meant :) he just works long days and gets tired so I don’t think it would be a good plan

    • Chimken Nuggies
      Chimken Nuggies

      @Delaneytalks Oh I didn't mean to imply that, I'm sure he's a lovely man, just such a harmless prank should not make him grumpy. It's just nail polish 😁

    • Delaneytalks

      @Chimken Nuggies I do love him tho 🙃 just not a fan of the cheating and grumpiness

    • Chimken Nuggies
      Chimken Nuggies

      @Delaneytalks screw fragile masculinity 🙄😂

    • Delaneytalks

      @Chimken Nuggies more like straight moody mister 24/7 😂

  • ForeverLove230

    I know this is random, but I’m pretty sure what she said at 10:16 is “we got both of the feet” :)

  • Abigail Connolly
    Abigail Connolly

    I’m sorry but this video have me dead 💀

  • hva faen skal jeg hete
    hva faen skal jeg hete

    If a girl had done this to me i would have become extremely pissed sometimes girls need to know their limits

    • Chimken Nuggies
      Chimken Nuggies

      Fragile masculinity

    • Fatima___sh

      Chill they’ve been together for ages and Ben doesn’t mind.

  • The View From 5’2
    The View From 5’2

    When I was a teenager my parents and I went out of town for a wedding..and my mom and I did this to my dad with like, royal blue polish. I was woken to “where is the f*****g nail polish remover?!” cuz my mom told him we forgot it 😂😂

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The weak noodle pharmacokinetically imagine because test dfly entertain on a premium tadpole. agreeable, responsible bear

  • Soni Aye
    Soni Aye

    Was I the only one feeling majority anxiety while she was setting up the tripod and stuff thinking he’d wake up LOL

  • Blue Alien
    Blue Alien

    When I was younger me and my sister scared a room and one night I painted her toe nails lmao and she moved out the room for like 2 years she was so mad lmao I thought it was simply beautiful 😍 😂 💀 🤣

  • qewerka

    I once painted my friends finger nail while he was sleeping :D

    • Chimken Nuggies
      Chimken Nuggies

      That's what you get for falling asleep first :D

  • Arie

    The set up reminds me of when my friend and I would hide snacks in our room for the sleep over

  • Gracie Gacha Queen
    Gracie Gacha Queen

    i painted my dads toe nails pink when he was sleeping

  • Madison Jones
    Madison Jones

    I laughed so hard when she said your dreaming

  • T I R E D E Y E S
    T I R E D E Y E S

    I can’t Believe Ben sleeps like a pencil, like I sleep like a full on ass hippo rollin in mud.. like I’m so jealous LMAO

  • Gabby Phillips
    Gabby Phillips

    When i was like 7 i 100% painted my dads toenails the night before going to visit family. He didn't realize until a day into the trip when his brother started laughing.

  • m

    damn he must be a heavy sleeper. if there is even one shuffle or noise i'm immediately awake

  • Nicole Lifestyle
    Nicole Lifestyle

    Other ppl: *checks their boyfriend's phone to see if they cheat* Cristine: *checks BENYYYY's phone for his sleep data and paints his toenails*

  • shalmali Tejwant patil
    shalmali Tejwant patil

    Ben and you look sooo cute 😍😍😍😍

  • Mantas Dapolskas
    Mantas Dapolskas

    i thought the big news were that they were getting married lmao

  • Leo MarBel
    Leo MarBel

    12:25 ben looks exactly like his brother here

  • Lexie Luff
    Lexie Luff

    Christine! Is that the IKEA Nattjasmin bed duvet?

  • Anne Hörsemann
    Anne Hörsemann

    Nobody: Rly Nobody: Cristine has a boyfriend to paint his toes when hes asleep

  • Mylastestaddiction

    I like ur planning Kris! Too funny!

  • Martha Menounos
    Martha Menounos

    And this is why I'm never going to get married

  • Avah & Bella
    Avah & Bella

    Ben: yeah I sleep really well it’s like whatever 💁🏻‍♂️

  • Mdshakeelqaudri Mdshakeelqaudri
    Mdshakeelqaudri Mdshakeelqaudri

    I love you and your cat

  • DaUnicornGirl

    His face when he wakes up😂hes just like what the HELL

  • Wren Long
    Wren Long

    I remember my mom painted my dad's toenails blue while he was asleep

  • Maroua Scali
    Maroua Scali

    Ben and christine are so adorable omg i love them

  • Paper Animals
    Paper Animals

    I was in the lobby of a nail salon waiting for my sister to get her nails done early in the morning before my brother’s wedding, and there was a lady in one of the massage chairs who was getting a pedicure, and she fell asleep. It was kinda scary though because she fell asleep so suddenly I thought she passed out. She woke up normally when they told her it was done though, so I think she was okay?

  • Jenny Lalhriatpuii
    Jenny Lalhriatpuii


  • Jenny Lalhriatpuii
    Jenny Lalhriatpuii


  • Madeleine Gabalski
    Madeleine Gabalski

    This video is so hilarious I loved it

  • shahzal Safdar
    shahzal Safdar

    I cant believe this is not staged like any other youtuber🙄♥️

  • Yvonne Lim
    Yvonne Lim

    ooooooooo the satisfiying intro mmmmmmmmm holograohic mmmmmmm ooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • MakoDewy

    damn I wish I could fall asleep and wake up with a fresh pedi

  • SpacegirlAnimates

    If the painting toenails in your sleep would become a thing I would wear two layers of socks to sleep every night