How Many Bottles of Nail Polish Can My Cats Jump Over?
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  • Losing_My_WillNE_To_Live

    I love this! You should do more videos with just your cats

  • Eadaoin G
    Eadaoin G

    Why dont you do a video about filling a nailpolish with as much holo as possible (btw love your videos you inspire me so much)

  • Jordan Starlucks
    Jordan Starlucks

    is it me or the menchie shade is lavender than baby pink??

  • Hailey Sadoski
    Hailey Sadoski

    Don't know why this matter but my mom bought us a holo shower curtin...showering in style

  • Leah Butchart
    Leah Butchart

    crying that i live in the u and want them sooo bad

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S

    Holy crap I just commented the other day on the rainbow video that I wanted a restock and now I’m seeing this video where there is a restock of the rainbow collection !! Going to go spend all my money now

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    99 bottles of polish on the wall 99 bottles of polish take one pass it around 98 bottles of polish on the wall

  • Christopher Coleman
    Christopher Coleman

    I should make a BeEeEeEn nail polish


    You have to make one for binnnnnn in a banana shade

  • icebear with an axe
    icebear with an axe

    "who wants some close ups of menchi and zayler? " 😀 "the nail polishs not the cats" **le disappointment**

  • thatgirljackyyy


  • Audrey Hernet
    Audrey Hernet

    7:11 Zyler was helping Menchie by knocking some of them down

  • Laura Hansen
    Laura Hansen

    Hold on your traffic lights turn amber??

  • Gigi Studios
    Gigi Studios

    I love how she does such random stuff but finds a way to include nail polish in it

  • Nikki Stewart
    Nikki Stewart

    I hope you do a holoween collection next year with a black holo glitter 👀🖤

  • 。。


  • banana Sundae
    banana Sundae

    Raise your hand if your parents got an email saying that their kid was failing a class but not saying what class they were failing and none of the child’s teachers said ANYTHING about them failing OR emailing the parents about what class they were failing and now the report cards are only 2 days away and you might get kicked from one of your classes but the school is so lazy that they don’t even bother to say which FUCKING class it was and if they did this situation would never would have happened...🤚 (end my suffering)

  • Sadie Kongorski
    Sadie Kongorski

    hers is better XD

  • Lemon

    My cats on your nails!! Me : yeah sounds about right

  • Ava Laygo
    Ava Laygo

    1 like = 1 treat for menchi💞💞

  • mofilafal

    You should mix all your holo tacos together

  • Lynne McGee
    Lynne McGee

    I've worn Zyler's pumpkin twice already and it is so perfect for times right now. :)

  • Olivia Graves
    Olivia Graves

    Then why don't you have a dog if you like to support your animals if you adopted a cat won't you adopt a dog

    • Kelsey

      You can love and support animals but still have a preference. They already have two cats who might not be happy with a dog in their home.

  • Kamryn Shetler
    Kamryn Shetler

    Cristine should make a one coat holo nail polish.

  • Elizabeth Palmer
    Elizabeth Palmer

    "together... They make a kitty cat" 😂😂😂😂😂 yaaassss ur the most relatable person on the planet. Ur so excited about that. U sound like i would if i was doin the same thing 😂

  • Eva Chen
    Eva Chen

    Hey Cristine, how does it feel to be the only LV-homer that I don’t skip ads on? 😃

  • ninaslife

    menchie really said "work smart, not hard"

  • Taylor’s Life
    Taylor’s Life

    Zyler cracks me up😂

  • Jordan Holleman
    Jordan Holleman

    Do you watch big brother????

  • Ziggy Zaggy
    Ziggy Zaggy

    Wait I’m confused is the nail polish for cats too lol???

    • Kelsey

      No, it's just for people. You should never put nail polish on cat's nails.

  • Phoenix RPs
    Phoenix RPs

    My girlfriend was amazing and bought me machine the cat for my birthday (and a glass nail file) but then it drove me crazy I didnt have the zyler one roo so I just bought that along with all the unicorn skins and peely base

  • Aliyah Smith
    Aliyah Smith

    I tried to do this myself when I was younger and I’ve never jumped over anything ever again

  • Samantha Jones
    Samantha Jones

    Someone should paint there cat's nails menchi or zyler

    • Kelsey

      You should never paint a cat's nails

  • DoYaLike Jazz
    DoYaLike Jazz

    My boyfriend told me he's getting me the one year anniversary box for Christmas today. I'm thinking I should put a ring on it.

  • Lyzzy Nicole
    Lyzzy Nicole

    I just bought these and I’m so happy and excited! I’m going to wear the orange non stop for fall and lavender during winter. They are the PERFECT colors

  • Laurie Jin
    Laurie Jin

    "if this was american ninja warrior we would have to lower it for the lower ladies right?" me: *a crazy anw (american ninja warrior) fan* no, no they wouldn't they never did, but it's still possible for shorter contestants like barclay stocett and kacy catanzaro

  • Halli Jarmon
    Halli Jarmon

    Note to self: dont watch this at 4 in the morning because you will laugh too hard and wake up your family.

  • Corrine Jimenez
    Corrine Jimenez

    where is the black holo???

  • Yasmin

    Zyler is ~rambunctious~

  • Summer Hull
    Summer Hull

    *Nah I'm still here* 😅💜 **I've seen videos of people putting cups throughout the hallway of their houses and had their cats ninjally walk through them all so you could use nail polish instead** 💅🐈 *Catlogical*

  • Miranda Shandell
    Miranda Shandell

    7:08 zylers like "ill help my sister"

  • Jayla Ashlynn
    Jayla Ashlynn

    It’s not fair that zyler is more graceful than me

  • MI & KA
    MI & KA

    This video made me laugh after a long time i didn't

  • Jazzy Lee
    Jazzy Lee

    ( 4:29 ) lmao why is ben climbing out of a "window"(?)

  • descendants love
    descendants love

    I would get the polish to saport the pets mart but i do competitive gymnastics so if you get hurt and lose air circulation your nails will turn purple so i cant wair nail polish

  • Marianne Huebel
    Marianne Huebel


  • Kira Kagami
    Kira Kagami

    your a good cat mom

  • Pazzuzu

    Zyler trying to help menchi jump knocks down few boxes

  • Pazzuzu

    I love your holo taco line but way too expensive 😭 my life is miserable for that😢

  • emily dunn
    emily dunn

    Who else is watching 30 min before the multicrome launch

  • landi clark
    landi clark

    why do i feel like my personality is z;ylers nail polish

  • Ellis Love
    Ellis Love

    I was wanting to do an ace nail thing do you have any advice

  • Liannasupergirl

    Menchie the cat also looks slightly purple

  • Mochi Squishies
    Mochi Squishies

    Why does your nail polish cost so much?

  • Kim K.
    Kim K.

    4:32 wild Ben spotted in the background


    I just got my menchie and zyler duo today, and now I'm waiting on the rainbow 🌈 collection! ❤

  • Julz Edits
    Julz Edits

    Wait.... Cristen reads the comments? if your reading this cristen I love you so much ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ThePrincessOfChaos Icarus
    ThePrincessOfChaos Icarus

    I thought it was how many bottles of nail polish could I jump over lol

  • Angelica Wojcik
    Angelica Wojcik

    Zyler: knocks down two boxes, I want to help my sister

  • Alaina Holmberg
    Alaina Holmberg

    You should make a holoween collection

    • RED PILLS42
      RED PILLS42


  • Liza Equestrian
    Liza Equestrian

    Toilet paper challenge With a twist

  • Sammy Bubbly
    Sammy Bubbly

    T-r-e-a-t-s “I CAN SPELL MOM”

  • Suleyman Ozer
    Suleyman Ozer

    Zender tri to merder menchi

  • iiipxstelucy Lxves
    iiipxstelucy Lxves

    She said tic toc and showed a youtube vid 😂😂😂

  • Trayshawnx Igtiben
    Trayshawnx Igtiben


  • lost fruit bat
    lost fruit bat

    i have the old ones

  • McKenzee Sliger
    McKenzee Sliger

    cats can jump up to 6x their height

  • Cats and Cappuccinos
    Cats and Cappuccinos

    Is it just me or does everyone watch Simply Nailogical with their cats?

  • Olivia Vos
    Olivia Vos


  • zareen jafri
    zareen jafri

    We want 100 layers of holo taco.❤👀

  • popcorn 103
    popcorn 103

    This is to cute

  • Moogle Queen
    Moogle Queen

    I actually really like the menchie and zyler polishes together

  • Noa Maddie
    Noa Maddie

    You should randomly choose what to do on your nails based on stock photos images

  • Ocean Harz
    Ocean Harz

    Hey Christine. I made a video of me doing my nails. is there any tips you can give me to do better😭😭

  • Abbi Faulx
    Abbi Faulx

    I got holo taco 🌮 peely base💅🏻

  • Ella77 0!!
    Ella77 0!!

    You know what I love about cristine is that she has not changed one bit since I’ve been watching her. So probably since 2015 and even thru different things like putting out her own nail polish and stuff I was expecting much change in not just the channel but in cristine herself. And that is not what happened and I absolutely love her for that even getting a bunch of subs and stuff she still stayed the same and I love her and the channel❤️

  • Jessica Hayes
    Jessica Hayes

    Please come out with a bright and light pink holo taco!! 😍 I need that in my life!!

  • EliteFoxxGamez


  • Nora Bissonnette
    Nora Bissonnette

    This is so incredibly stupid... I LOVE IT

  • Arshpreet Sian
    Arshpreet Sian

    Me reading the title: ok, WHO GAVE CRISTINE THE BOXES.

  • mckanzie busuttil
    mckanzie busuttil

    remember when she didn't know what tiktok was

  • Tina Green
    Tina Green

    I don't understand how you have as many subscribers as you do, considering 90% of your content is garbage. just my opinion, but if I had a youtube channel I'd use it to encourage others to have informed opinions on the events currently plaguing our country. but then again now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense for you to have a huge fan base considering all you do is promote mindless crap to entertain the masses. keep doing what you do so well, wasting people's time on stupid videos such as this .

  • Donald Kelly
    Donald Kelly

    Ok but they look really cute together

  • Donald Kelly
    Donald Kelly

    Ok but what is zyler smarter I always thought of him as the less intelligent of the two

  • Nandini Gautam
    Nandini Gautam

    Not intending to be too personal,sorry if it appears so.. but did any of ur cats every had kittens, like do u have any grandkids, of either of them??

  • Sara Eyre
    Sara Eyre

    I need the Zyler polish immediately

  • NightCoreFan

    I need a banana ben yellow

  • Emily Marie
    Emily Marie

    This is hilarious, I love when menchie just pushes the door open and goes in between the door and the wall and then they knock over the boxes, almost looks like they purposely knock them over!! They are so cute

  • Hayley —
    Hayley —

    When zyler pushed some of the boxes down to help his sister get over I nearly cried that’s adorable 😭❤️

  • just nguyen
    just nguyen

    I realy want to buy it but im from vietnam 👁👄👁💦

  • Skyler Wyatt
    Skyler Wyatt

    I’ve been looking around for this polish because I love baby pink but I couldn’t find it anywhere! I was hoping you would recreate it and you did !!

  • Sophia Ortega
    Sophia Ortega

    7:10 savage cat

  • magic X
    magic X

    A holo taco mountain?

  • sarah girard
    sarah girard

    why did ben just walk through the wall at 4:29

  • tony g
    tony g

    I wonder if they’re both mixed together, if they would look similar to play rosé 🤔🤔

  • Trish B
    Trish B

    I would love you to make gel versions of your polishes, who's with me?

  • Ronald John Flores
    Ronald John Flores

    Can anyone agree that she should make a brown glitter polish called "Where's my tea?"

  • Sam T
    Sam T

    did cristine just call the orange light on stop lights “amber”?

  • Elisha Fisher
    Elisha Fisher

    Anyone else can’t stop thinking about the concept of traffic lights being amber/ embre(?)

  • Artic _Camo
    Artic _Camo

    OOO! I have an idea! If you have a cat cut out somewhat of the same one as the new polishes box's, you can alternate the orange and the baby pink in that pattern! It would be a collaboration of both the colors instead of just using one! So no worries if they think the other child is the favorite!