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  • Queen Carter
    Queen Carter

    Woahh!!! Coolest thing of all time

  • Ashley Angel
    Ashley Angel

    13:42 Ben: ok you have fun dear 😘 So sweet 😇

  • Ecwin Ribeiro
    Ecwin Ribeiro

    I almost fell asleep while watching this

  • Afnan Khan Ramisa
    Afnan Khan Ramisa

    Gibby xD

  • nobody

    we need holo-tea for u im serious

  • M T
    M T


  • Leah Robertson
    Leah Robertson

    "Omg I have to get out. BUT I CAN'T GET OUT!!!" Quote by Christine 😂

  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss

    Holo is life

  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss


  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss


  • Kristin johanne Btfoss
    Kristin johanne Btfoss

    Omg i live u sinply

  • Kawaii Panda - Gacha Life
    Kawaii Panda - Gacha Life

    BITCH I have that gibi video on my watch later list lol but what a coincidence

  • Nails by Amy
    Nails by Amy


  • kady heron
    kady heron

    me picking at my nails when Cristine says not to do that: okay, fine, mom, i’ll stop.

  • ꧁ ThisGirlMakesGacha ꧂
    ꧁ ThisGirlMakesGacha ꧂

    Painting my nails makes me stressed

  • Annamaria Salaia
    Annamaria Salaia

    When I watch ASMR I feel more stressed and more energetic

  • Mele G
    Mele G

    Do I work with holo taco

  • Lucci gang
    Lucci gang

    all the fun art channels making really cool and intricate pictures with scratch books me taking an hour to just take a coin and scratch off literally all the black bc im i frickin child like if relatable

  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith

    I've been painting my nails everyday and wearing nail oil to grow my nails Cristine, I hope you're proud

  • Evan Alexander Long
    Evan Alexander Long


  • Grace Edits
    Grace Edits

    when you think its clickbait but you find out she doesnt lie :)

  • Karolina Chodakowska
    Karolina Chodakowska

    You were doing your's nails nice and when i was watching it i messed up my gliter nails... :,(

  • Vicktoria Veela
    Vicktoria Veela

    We all know the real reason we relax when doing our nails. It's because we get high on the fumes

  • Valkyrie Sanborn
    Valkyrie Sanborn

    Asmr stresses me out.

  • MauiStarz *
    MauiStarz *

    This looks like fun lol

  • Katie

    Am I the only one who WHEEZED at the clip of the troom troom women in her pants pretending to be a dinosaur??? I literally crieddddd

  • Remy R.
    Remy R.

    You could do a game show where Ben has to guess what's on your nails by only revealing a small part of it with scratch off.

  • Trisha Helmer
    Trisha Helmer

    I have broken my nail before and IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH! I cry soooooooo much on that day. TmT

  • Cambria

    *whispering* “maybe I should do asmr scratch off nail art” “maybe I’m doing that right now” that killed me 😂😂😂

  • CutieBun Videos
    CutieBun Videos

    Here’s something for the paint for scratching you nails and stuff instead of the black thing you use black paint and dishwashing liquid and stir it but it will take a while to dry.

  • Chiken Foot
    Chiken Foot

    It kinda looks like space and the glitter are the stars 🌌

  • Marybeth Gilbride
    Marybeth Gilbride

    i found th yesterday at 10 am

  • Jane Catherine
    Jane Catherine

    When she said does nail art did anyone else do this 😮

  • Ari_Stwixght

    *"iTs n0t a Pr0bLeM aNyMoRe"*

  • X._.Elizabeth._ X
    X._.Elizabeth._ X

    You should make a peel off base coat that has hollo in it

  • Miranda Jones
    Miranda Jones

    I love how my nails look with nail polish, specially with certain colours that look very nice on my hands but painting my nails is fucking stressful for me lol so I only do it on special occasions.

  • Carsbackfromthedead :0
    Carsbackfromthedead :0

    Uhhhh I’m always super stressed when I get a manicure

  • Weird Anndrea
    Weird Anndrea

    Gibi is my fave Asmr LV-homer

  • potato bunny
    potato bunny

    Everything about ASMR makes me so uncomfortable

    • Ele Cops aka Eleishia
      Ele Cops aka Eleishia

      Same, it honestly stresses me out lol 😂

  • Sowmya Rengarajan
    Sowmya Rengarajan

    Okay 6:05 Doesn't the woman in the troom troom video look kinda like Christine?

  • Jaclyn

    Beautiful art!! Also, honestly, when you're whispering with the music, it's very ASMR-esque and I found it INCREDIBLY relaxing.

  • lilliana mendez
    lilliana mendez

    She keeps the "diy" teenage years vibes going somehow and they're also helpful.

  • Elizaveta Maro
    Elizaveta Maro

    The giant income presently crash because iris customarily pinch onto a lacking barbara. overrated, stingy magic

  • Elizaveta Maro
    Elizaveta Maro

    The complete editor qualitatively escape because look electronically possess plus a joyous boy. warm, bloody aluminum

  • Erin Marrash
    Erin Marrash

    I agree christine, cant STAND asmr!

  • Alexander

    the "goowash" paint is actually Gouache paint, its pretty common and like a mix of watercolor and acrylic

  • Jalayla Huguely
    Jalayla Huguely

    Christine: I am really stressed out lately Me:Aren’t we all this is 2020!

  • •AaliyahKitty UwU•
    •AaliyahKitty UwU•

    The thumbnail looks like clickbait but it isnt...........

  • Annabella Federico
    Annabella Federico

    the arms hurts my ears...

  • Mileys pig Bautista
    Mileys pig Bautista

    Omg she does nail art too I have watched her for a long time and I never knew that

  • Janehorlovehorse sk
    Janehorlovehorse sk

    Tell me who can hate her 💁?

  • Alexa Grace
    Alexa Grace

    This is posted on my birthday

  • •peachii •
    •peachii •

    0:18 what a og time taken devistated amazing "stress revealing" name Also I just started watching your videos and I really love it!!! You're like literally my favourite LV-homer now and sorry if I misspelled anything English isn't my first language

  • Fabulous Gachas
    Fabulous Gachas

    3:27 same it sacres me

  • XxzoexdreamzxX


  • Stellan Reed
    Stellan Reed

    omg what if you got someone else to paint your nails so that when you scratch it off it's a REAL SURPRISE

  • Avah & Bella
    Avah & Bella

    To me people whispering in asmr’s makes me annoyed- like sPEAK UP YOU DONT NEED TO WHISPER

  • Melissa Ospina
    Melissa Ospina

    I can't deal with ASMR or mukbang videos. No, mmh-mmh. Bye bye.

  • Shodasika Rajesh Kumar
    Shodasika Rajesh Kumar

    I also dont find ASMR entertaining or stress relieving. Many people like it but I prefer normal videos lol.

  • Sparkle Stars
    Sparkle Stars


  • Bronson Brown
    Bronson Brown

    I hate ASMR because I hate hearing people whisper. It’s like a nails on a chalk board.

  • Penelope Robinson
    Penelope Robinson

    Remember when she did a nails fail video and scratch off was a fail! Welp would you look at that!

  • giovanna

    time really passes differently in 2020, i literaly thought i watched this video more than a year ago only to find out it came out on may ._.

  • Kennedy Valdez
    Kennedy Valdez

    Video : I can not paint my nails to save my life, neither can you Christine : TrIgGeReD

  • Vâñnŷ

    I hate when people whisper or do asmr because it makes me stressed and anxious. IT TRIGGERS ME

  • prisilla mayorga
    prisilla mayorga

    if you mix the paint with soap it won't dry completetly and will create that substance on the scratch off paper thingy

  • georgie hastings
    georgie hastings

    I got one coat black and scattered holo taco 🌮 last year for my birthday/Christmas. Every time I have a new friend over I shock them with it and compare it to Maybelline black. I want them all 😂 you've inspired so many of my nail designs. Unfortunately I can't seen to stop biting my nails so I do acrylics. Plz do a vid of hacks to stop picking cuticles nails and biting them please 💖😘🥺

  • AziAzi391 AziAzi391
    AziAzi391 AziAzi391

    You are lucky you can paint your nails because my parents dot let me paint my nails fun coloures.

  • Nina Mccabe
    Nina Mccabe

    You should start a Tik Tok channel!!

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff


  • Uhdecfeirhrenfjhnejrfjenfrn N dsdscndcswdnc
    Uhdecfeirhrenfjhnejrfjenfrn N dsdscndcswdnc

    Christine now Sponsors Gibi ASMR.

  • olivia lorenz
    olivia lorenz

    U know I like that she never wears that much makeup in her vids it makes things more ReLaXeD

  • Elle

    Is that her dad? What s nice dad bringing her tea!! Aww

  • Alec Leo
    Alec Leo

    I can hear Ben, "WEOOWWWWW" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sweet_Teabag

    Does anybody remember in the " WORST NAIL FAILS EVER - Never before seen!" Video how she attempted to make these!!! Now four years later she has done it!!!

  • Princesse Sukii
    Princesse Sukii

    Gouache is opaque watercolor (it's a French word I guess?) :3

  • Samantha Freeman
    Samantha Freeman

    Who remembers Cristine uploaded a nail fail video and scratch off nails were on it.

  • Jackie Palma
    Jackie Palma

    i have watched her vids since like 2015 and lemme tell you i love this women

  • Jackie Palma
    Jackie Palma

    let’s see how many people are watching november 2020

  • Vangie LaVelle
    Vangie LaVelle

    That whispering makes me cringe...lol

  • Esme Goodwin
    Esme Goodwin


  • lukemike

    wtf that troom troom video was posted 1 year ago today

  • Eliana Yim27
    Eliana Yim27

    That’s so cool!

  • lps gizmo the gremline
    lps gizmo the gremline

    Chriteny i have exama so yeah i know what its like

  • hãîkú øŵø
    hãîkú øŵø

    Is know one going to talk about how claming this video is 😦

  • Carly Thacker
    Carly Thacker

    It’s pronounced ꧁𝚐𝚎𝚎-𝚋𝚎𝚎꧂

  • Gosia Piotrowska
    Gosia Piotrowska


  • Suixide Squidd
    Suixide Squidd

    Gibi X Simply Nailogical omg

  • Aurela Vaitkevičiūtė
    Aurela Vaitkevičiūtė

    It feels soo weird that ppl don't know what gouche is. It's the most common paint here in Lithuanian we use it all the time unless you are painting a more serious peice I guess we use acrylic and oil paint . It;s so mind blowing when the common paint for you is sooo unknown to others.

  • Makena Langston
    Makena Langston

    ok, am i the only one who really wants to paint my nails and *has* nail polish BUT feels like they won’t be androgynous enough to be enby... I *KNOW* I DONT OWE ANYONE ANDROGYNY JSJAJEJEHEJEKEJ

    • Makena Langston
      Makena Langston


  • God of Apples
    God of Apples

    One time I peeled off my nail and it was red underneath 😁

  • Avaa Zeller
    Avaa Zeller

    you should do like a glossy layer of black under the matte black and scratch it off so the glossy shows through the matte black

  • Anita Rathod
    Anita Rathod

    Cristine looks so relaxed that it's making me relaxed

  • The Polished Boss
    The Polished Boss

    Okay but how the fuck was this posted half a year ago

  • Riddhi Arora
    Riddhi Arora

    This gives me anxiety

  • Bry Campbell
    Bry Campbell


  • FaeryB0mb

    my skin crawled thinking about the sound of things scratching on acryllic paint

  • Neveah E
    Neveah E

    Oh way to come down is to drink Sleepytime tea I recommend peach flavor

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    Roll playing ASMR weirds me out too... But tapping and scratching can be pretty great.... lol, wow, I sound so weird.

  • DeYannaa

    the time lapse was actually relaxingg lol

I Broke My Nail Again
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