We Tried Making Holographic Chocolate
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  • dani

    this was ben's video and im HERE FOR IT

  • Nada Fargali
    Nada Fargali

    Well i like this video that's why i like to warch it a lot well since u like holo Christine well i dare u to do a video when u fill up your tube with every single holo glitter hope u like my idea love u

  • honey crossing
    honey crossing

    Now im hungry but its to late to ratet chocolate :(

  • Libi Marchenkov
    Libi Marchenkov


  • Julia Leksashova
    Julia Leksashova

    So for some reason I haven't watched any Simply content for the past year or so, and a few days ago I had a sudden urge to rewatch old videos. Now I moved onto the new onesa and wow! How much Ben changed! It's so cool seeing him being so comfortable and open on camera comparing to how he used to be a few years ago :)

  • Nikki Buffett
    Nikki Buffett

    bens like the google definition of the process and products and cristineis your friends definiton

  • Stephanie Alvarez
    Stephanie Alvarez

    Leave it to Christine to try to make holo chocolate🍫🍫😊

  • Anna Butler
    Anna Butler

    Can I try to nerdsplain this? I think that forcefully peeling off the Holo film either 1. separated the top microscopic layer of Holo chocolate off with the Holo film OR 2. it produced some heat, melting the Holo chocolate out of it's prismatic microstructure into a smooth surface again

  • Nana H
    Nana H


  • Laila Mamesh
    Laila Mamesh


  • galaxy . love
    galaxy . love

    I guess the holo transfer from the air bubbles actually makes since, when you are ripping the plastic off you're are forcefully pulling it up negatively effecting the imprint but when you just let the air bubbles grown then the imprint is releasing naturally not effecting the groves

  • Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené
    Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené

    That´s like mixing the two best things in the world (but you are forgeting THE TEA)

  • Ruthanne Marie
    Ruthanne Marie

    3:58 Cristine being cute and running into Ben cause shes excited

  • maryfrancess93

    Wait a second, so I can blame compound chocolate for the weird white fuzz?

  • Madison DeMott
    Madison DeMott

    beyyn I liked the audio joke I do videos

  • Michelle aleksandrova
    Michelle aleksandrova

    litteraly the intro ben did was my science teacher explaining me about light and refraction and then me trying to memorise every word lol (no hate pls its a joke)

  • ~Naomi-Moon~

    When Ben started to shake the real chocolate bag my kitten started to attack my FEET HELP ME

  • mkfremkgl mfekwgnkr
    mkfremkgl mfekwgnkr

    avls for the wife's shouting s'il vous plait


    This was on my birthday

  • Thanusri Gururaj
    Thanusri Gururaj

    She's so stupid I love her

  • JustTeleporting

    If I was Ben I would’ve hurt Christine like maybe physically but mostly by yelling.

    • Minghao's Toes
      Minghao's Toes

      Do you have severe anger issues?

    • Commander Peepers
      Commander Peepers

      Uhh what the fuck

  • Madison D.
    Madison D.

    This is the definition of using the wrong formula but getting the right answer

  • Annabelle Plays!
    Annabelle Plays!

    Zyler in background: MEOWWWWWW MEOWWWWW MEOWWW

  • juliette jones
    juliette jones


  • •xXKai_ParkerXx•

    The amount of times on her channel she mentions holo or self promos is just annoying

  • Jessica Kirkman
    Jessica Kirkman

    I'm British and YOU NEED MORE WATER

  • Mya Rhyana
    Mya Rhyana

    2:53 I thought this was already a kids channel 😂

  • samYO

    menchee and zyler do be vibing tho

  • mal

    He’s way too serious 🧐 too smarty assy LOL LOL

  • Robert C. McGee aka Joe_Cracker
    Robert C. McGee aka Joe_Cracker

    Drink slave has now become “chocolate slave”

  • angelofdusk13

    Poor Ben is trying to explain the science of it all and Cristine just wants holo lol

  • Hannah Janae
    Hannah Janae

    How does ben make education interesting?? 😂💯

  • Nootellia

    I feel like this video Ben decided “ya know, let’s try this energetic LV-homer thing ”

  • Collins Connell
    Collins Connell

    Me like :I HERE A BABY Them: we HAVE NO BABY

  • Cassie K
    Cassie K

    ben: trying to explain the science of it Cristine: yes yes MAGIC RAINBOWS

  • Beauties & Foodies
    Beauties & Foodies

    Watch How to cook that. She teaches you how to do it.

  • emily rose
    emily rose


  • fluffy cloudy angel
    fluffy cloudy angel

    And have holo day everyone and have great holo day

  • Dzebric M2
    Dzebric M2

    They are so cute I can't hahaha ❤️❤️❤️

  • ただの友達


  • Fizzy_ Missy
    Fizzy_ Missy

    remember when ben never went on camera and now he’s calling us super simps

  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller

    I think you can add more unmelted chocolate to melted chocolate that’s gone past tempering to help the chocolate get its structure back and temper properly. Check out the How to Cook That channel that Ann Reardon she does a really good video explaining the chemistry behind chocolate tempering.

  • nature is beautiful, nature is life
    nature is beautiful, nature is life

    ya, ok. i wouldn't call that tea, tea. its milk with a splash of tea.

  • Jasmine

    here for ben’s camera evolution and also for christine and ben’s cuteness

  • Werew 14
    Werew 14

    Did you really said that 2nd way to melt chocolatte is harder? I always do the 2nd option

  • Hayli Petty
    Hayli Petty


  • Kawaii Polar
    Kawaii Polar

    Ben desperately trying to explain how it works to cristine is a whole mood

  • Koki Kaz
    Koki Kaz

    8:07 I want someone to look at me the way Cristine looks at Beyns forehead

  • Jenniina Tuuliainen
    Jenniina Tuuliainen

    She is simplyhological

  • Kate Earley
    Kate Earley

    Your cats are so freaking cute

  • Random_boi_500

    The holo film thing is awesome!!! Like its so cool that groves reflex the light into holo LIKE THATS AWESOME!!!

  • Kawaii Noodle
    Kawaii Noodle

    I love Laura diy 🥺

  • Bumble_ Blue_yt • Edited 15 years ago
    Bumble_ Blue_yt • Edited 15 years ago


  • Claudia C
    Claudia C

    Holoday activities 👍🏼 💿

  • Chef Sporty
    Chef Sporty

    ben reminds me a lot of my dad just without the anger issues

  • Natasa Nikolic
    Natasa Nikolic

    Uhhhhhhh now I wanna eat cokolate

  • ElfinShell

    CRISTINE!!!! I haven’t seen you since around 3m subscribers!! So glad to see you and Beyyyynn doing well!

  • Aliyah Stoddard
    Aliyah Stoddard

    I never knew what holo was until I met your channel and know I love holo!💿💿

  • Sissi Huang
    Sissi Huang

    me mum asked me what i wanted to be when i greww up.. i said simply nailogical her face was like -_-

  • Katy Walsh
    Katy Walsh

    I remember when ben was really shy

  • ShadowWolves

    13:18 what is going on-?

  • Nidhi Reddy
    Nidhi Reddy

    cRisTinE : ITS HOLO beNN : I am now Gordan Ramsey

  • Magdalena Raicheva
    Magdalena Raicheva

    this is a video of ben being done w cristine's bullshit for 17 minutes

  • Emily Rapley
    Emily Rapley

    who was just watching cristine say Is It ReAl HolO

  • Sarah Wong
    Sarah Wong

    when jeremy is referred to as chad HAHAH

  • Grace B
    Grace B

    Try making holo sugar to try and recreate the diamond cappuccino but like actually edible!!!

  • Isabel Peterson
    Isabel Peterson

    Jesus died for our sins

  • stella Simmons
    stella Simmons

    You should get holo tattood on your iner lip!😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😅😅😳😳😳😰😰

  • nasty one
    nasty one

    Im going thru the worst time in my life(so far) and watching Cristine and Beyyyn helps me so much....love you guys

  • Monica Richards
    Monica Richards

    As a new subscriber I haven't watched all your video's over the year yet, but a reasonable amount and I have to say so far this one to me is your best making me laugh until it hurt. Wish I had found your channel sooner when this was released. I like seeing the both of you having fun Ben trying to be super serious funny and Cristine just not trying but having fun, it was great to see your personalities outside of the studio set up also loved the editing 😊👍💯💯💯

  • Zanimations

    Ben: *is trying to explain baking* Cristine: just *isnt listening*

  • Emery Chartrand
    Emery Chartrand


  • Dorro

    Imagine if you coated the sheet with a thin layer of melted sugar, i.e. sugar glass. In theory you could then use that as holo sprinkles. You could give the "Diamond cappuccino" another try! Note: Melted sugar is super hot, the holo sheet might not be suitable for this kind of use. Maybe Cristine the Science queen can look into it?

  • Triple Bunny Gaming
    Triple Bunny Gaming

    Did anyone else think that the beep when she was making tea was from something in their house?

  • julie is fat okurr
    julie is fat okurr

    Now I'm hungry :(

  • Celina Mars
    Celina Mars

    Ben would be a greeeeeaaat teacher

  • Bex Leach
    Bex Leach

    I have never thought to make tea like that wow

  • pencil jk im not a pencil
    pencil jk im not a pencil

    Yo im 12 and I understand whats making it holografic... It's the same effect when u shine light trough a bottle of water and it makes a rainbow. U can still drink the water.

  • unityManipulator

    i can't believe in 17 minutes neither of you made a "holo choco" joke

  • Priya Jain
    Priya Jain

    Please make holographic home for your cats.

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Thank you for the legally blonde reference

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    I've never seen anyone make tea that way

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Cristine had very Julien in Aries mode energy in this video. I felt got Ben.

  • Mini Crewmate
    Mini Crewmate

    Christine the holo queen

  • •LoST cAuSE•
    •LoST cAuSE•

    Now make a holographic taco

  • Sofia Wesley
    Sofia Wesley

    "bendy and snappy" "what? like leagally blonde???"

  • Sadie Kongorski
    Sadie Kongorski

    I understand what you are saying, Ben XD

  • Jade Prescott
    Jade Prescott

    Choco-holo would probably be really pretty nail polish. Normally brown isn't a great color but chocolate is a pretty brown!

  • hello gracie
    hello gracie

    Here’s why it didn’t work a million times 1) there is only one side that has the in print on it 2) the imprint on both the sheet and the chocolate is extremely delicate being that fingers and warm chocolate can damage the pattern

  • helen gomes
    helen gomes

    alguém manda um professor de física pras escolas do norte- eu to realmente preocupada com a dificuldade de entenderem

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott

    Christine going along with Ben at the start like “yeah” “exactly” “ mmm reflection” 😂

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott


  • Serao

    This video reminded me that weed is legal in canada

  • Katrina Hosteen
    Katrina Hosteen

    Cristine with no h and ben are losing their minds lol 😂😂jk

  • Emma Carlson
    Emma Carlson


  • Kendrick Fisher
    Kendrick Fisher

    Am I supposed to believe Cristine is sober in this video?

  • Awkwardinmakeup 92
    Awkwardinmakeup 92

    Wow not a 98° joke

  • wolf pawz
    wolf pawz

    My mom got wrapping paper... AND IT WAS HOLO.

  • Tay tay burns
    Tay tay burns

    Why doesn't cristine make an ACTUAL holo taco??💿🌮

  • that fangirl
    that fangirl

    proud of ben for knowing his chocolate tricks