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Holo everyone, it's me Cristine. I'm not like other nail art channels.
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  • Sneha Mullick
    Sneha Mullick

    Why don't you review Indian Nail polishes?

  • Ashlee Matos
    Ashlee Matos

    I love the intro of this video 🤣

  • Venomous Tart
    Venomous Tart

    I kind of liked the muted color on black. But I like dark colors. so... :3

  • gummy bear gacha life
    gummy bear gacha life

    The girls in troom troom are collage students so ya

  • Silver Nightcore
    Silver Nightcore

    4:41 bold of her to assume we haven’t already. Then again I’m a teenager-

  • Ashley Bellerose
    Ashley Bellerose

    Be nails were all the same ! On both hands waaaat

  • Cowboy Corgi
    Cowboy Corgi

    The closed captions are where it’s at


    Katya zamolodchikova did it first!!

  • milktea ._. mochi
    milktea ._. mochi

    She didnt say taco-

  • Evita B
    Evita B

    Holo Milky Way

  • Rumman Raya
    Rumman Raya


  • MIcaela Corona
    MIcaela Corona


  • Ashleigh xoxo
    Ashleigh xoxo

    Christine the science queen✨

  • Amanda Magner
    Amanda Magner

    OMG you should make a nail polish cat bed

  • Kawaii Sparkly
    Kawaii Sparkly

    9:49 Only people with captions will understand 😂 2021 anyone?

  • Hahaha Hehehe
    Hahaha Hehehe

    This is the type of content I expect LV-home to recommend to me... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • friesbeofreguys14

    Not in 14:30 he looks like morticia Addams if she was a kpop Star

  • Spongebob Squarenails
    Spongebob Squarenails

    First in India it was the plastic rice, then the plastic eggs, now holo sugar that’s actually plastic, hmmmmm 🤨

  • Nicollet Jackson
    Nicollet Jackson

    Cristine: "A luminati confirmed! Ok that was a terrible joke" Me: *Tries not to laugh*

  • Zoey zomae99
    Zoey zomae99

    starry night

  • It'sme April
    It'sme April


  • MyShadowWatcher

    Your eyes are looking good!

  • Adriane Orzechowski
    Adriane Orzechowski

    Imagine scratching your eye and having cayenne pepper residue on it

  • The lovely life of Nevaeh
    The lovely life of Nevaeh

    was i the only one who got an ad for weighted blankets just me ok 😭😔

  • Jayd Blize
    Jayd Blize

    Me surching the urben dictionary 🤣

  • ash S
    ash S


  • Crafti Fox
    Crafti Fox

    Who else here during a global pandemic

  • The Beauty With Flaws
    The Beauty With Flaws

    Cristine: There's only one way to find out Apple: Plays an ad of apple watch

  • Macy The Artist
    Macy The Artist

    Someday there will be holo eye contacts and Christine will be the first to get them

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R

    I love the fact that she has multiple cat beds and her cats lay in them all and my one cat won’t lay in the one cat bed I have for her. My cat prefers to lay in the bathtub and on bath mats then the cat bed I have

  • Pride World
    Pride World

    Simply:DonT WorRY AbOuT StRaIGhT LiNEs Me: I- I don't Because I myself Am not straight

  • SoffieSoftly

    I hope everything turns out okay!

  • Pride World
    Pride World

    Me: ahhh just a lonesome pride wolf just trying to live life This video: *pops up in reccomended* Me: *Dies*

  • Zayti Nurallya Kamizi
    Zayti Nurallya Kamizi

    Use your wheel again but use all Holo Taco polishes 😂

  • Ash of the night
    Ash of the night

    It's now 2020 are the nail polish back in stalk Jk

  • Ash of the night
    Ash of the night

    It's now 2020 are the nail polish back in stalk Jk

  • Mckenna Levad
    Mckenna Levad

    didnt know how perfect they were until this video

  • lil bean
    lil bean

    I thought she said this was her everyday rotein...hahah

  • gachachannn :}
    gachachannn :}

    James Charles who? XD

  • Malika Brabant
    Malika Brabant

    im a french canadien and this made my day especially when ben said are you the cheese

  • Akio Kuro
    Akio Kuro

    The rainbow color order isn't right 😣

  • BlackRasberry

    Oh boy LV-home reccomended page really bringing up the past

  • Raul Zuniga
    Raul Zuniga

    I love having the same birthday as her❤❤ Now i share a birthday with such an iconic amazing person

  • Camrynvk

    New drinking game idea Take a shot every time she says sh!ty or sh!t

  • Princess And Kat
    Princess And Kat

    Hmm I think she has 2 million nail polishes she probably missed some 0 s in the title?

  • M.J .L
    M.J .L

    harry styles who? im pretty sure Cristine wrote watermelon sugar hiGHHHHHHHH!

  • Music Vibes
    Music Vibes

    This is the video that got me hooked to cristines channel. I've been watching since this was released

  • Akio Kuro
    Akio Kuro

    Zyler deserves more love on this channel!

  • caitlin •
    caitlin •

    cristine: collects MOUNTAINS of cat hair my allergies: hey, what’s up 😂

  • Kazi Nawroz
    Kazi Nawroz

    i guess christine being a child actress at first maked u confertable infront of camera. just imagine her being camera shy i don't think she will be that comfertable and funny. thanks cristine

  • Morgan Evans
    Morgan Evans

    At this point Ben has put up with too much of your bull shi* for you guys to break up

  • Pamela Zimnizzle
    Pamela Zimnizzle


  • Harper Wagner
    Harper Wagner

    kristein: 217 is almost over thank god. me: gurl wait until 2020

  • Kazi Nawroz
    Kazi Nawroz

    cristine i have noticed for some reason that u have became more skinyer

  • Izzy Dibble
    Izzy Dibble

    Who watching these in 2020

  • Caryn Rybecki
    Caryn Rybecki

    Holo burrito

  • Allison Riley
    Allison Riley

    She didn't say taco....

  • Allison Riley
    Allison Riley

    * starts actual vid at 0:54 *

  • Reegan Dyck
    Reegan Dyck

    Yes all the people from the US Canada is a real place I live there

  • Reegan Dyck
    Reegan Dyck

    Edmonton Alberta

  • Reegan Dyck
    Reegan Dyck

    I'm in Canada by the way

  • Reegan Dyck
    Reegan Dyck

    Even I can't believe that there's a LV-homer actually close by sort of like all the other LV-homers are in like Florida

  • Daphné Doris Auger
    Daphné Doris Auger

    J'adore ton accent, trop mignon! So cute to see you trying to speak french, not bad at all, love your accent! From your french canadian neighbour, xx

  • Angela Arvay
    Angela Arvay


  • Zora_and_whatever

    for a second I actually thought I clicked on 1 of safiya's videos

  • Lil Mango
    Lil Mango

    14:55 “The rest of 2020s gonna be great”

  • Gaming with Riley
    Gaming with Riley

    where i found this channel:

  • Joanne Chadwick
    Joanne Chadwick

    The little boy from stranger things his name is Noah Shnapp don’t know how to spell his name but that’s him

  • gummy bear gacha life
    gummy bear gacha life

    This Vid sayed you were sponserd by holo taco

  • Pawzilla

    I put my headphones near my mouse and they moved the mouse to the "close tab" button so my headphones must hate you or something

  • ThatOne Kid
    ThatOne Kid

    R.I.P Ben

  • Catlover92

    multi holo

  • chiaki. milk
    chiaki. milk


  • Ainth Hussain
    Ainth Hussain

    Holo. is so. pritty

  • Moisés Martínez
    Moisés Martínez

    I just realized about the "I died" t shirt from Rob within the coming back of cristine. For me that's perfect

  • Picklesbunny

    Should have weighted it all while they were down, just for fun. Then play 'what weighs the same as all my polishes'

  • ~~cheerless waves~~
    ~~cheerless waves~~

    simply nailogical should make art using nail polish

  • tweetthang96

    "I'm a Holo In a Bottle"

  • Pawzilla

    *This video has taught us that Cristine is strong.*